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    340 Šroubení s kužel. sedlem pozink

    Thread pipe fitting from malleable cast iron, kind – direct union with conical seat with inner x inner tubular connecting threads, black desing. Connecting inner threads Rc is conical for sealing of joints on the threads according of norm ISO 7-1, fixate thread of nut G is cyllindrical for loose of joints on threads according of norm ISO 228-1. It consist from three parts: 370 ( direct socket ) + 374 ( cap nut ) + 372 ( supporting socket with inner thread ). Produced according of norm EN 10242, mark U11.


    Attention: union should use like built-up of complex only, because individual parts of the union with different production marks or individual parts of different types and same production marks can’t be compatible!



    Intended for distribution of water, air, gas, nonabrassive and nonaggressive fluid to allowed press 25 bar and temperature from -20 to 120°C, with necessity of prevention for freezing of media.

    Union with taper seat galv. 340 6/4"

    187,55  Kč / pcs with VAT
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    Fitting of malleable cast iron B300-06. Fittings are specified for joining of threaded according to ISO 7-1. Design: galvanized. Zinc coating thickness of 70 microns is generated by hot dip galvanizing
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