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    Brass elbow 093 MF

    Thread brass fitting, kind – elbow 90° with inner x inner tubular threads, without surface treatment. Inner threads Rp is cylindrical for sealing of joints on the threads according of the norm ISO 7-1. Produced according of the norm EN 1254-4.


    Intended for distribution of water, air, gas, nonabrassive and nonaggressive fluid to allowed press 0,8 MPa and temperature to 100°C, medium can’t freeze.

    093 1/2" STD MM elbow brass

    39,93  Kč / pcs with VAT
    In stock (449 pcs)Not in stock

    093 3/4" STD MM elbow brass

    60,50  Kč / pcs with VAT
    In stock (511 pcs)Not in stock

    093 1" STD MM elbow brass

    99,22  Kč / pcs with VAT
    In stock (518 pcs)Not in stock
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