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    334 1" STD Telescopic union for water meter MF

    Fittings of brass CW617N. Fittings are specified for joining of threaded according to ISO 228-1. Design: without surface treatment.

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    Code 2:031.MMS.334.020.025
    Warranty:2 ROKY
    Normy: ČSN EN 10242, ČSN ISO 7-1
    Certifikáty: B-30-00956-17
    NewsCzech product


    Threaded connections composed of 6 parts, union straight with telescopic insert. After ejecting the inserts to ensure parts with union nut and O-ring washer. Connecting threads G are parallel join for not sealing threads according ISO 228-1. Delivered without flat sealing in union nut. Produced according EN 1254-4. Individual parts fitting 334 = 504 + 2x374 + 534 +washer + o ring Attention: union should use like built-up of complex only, because individual parts of the union with different production marks or individual parts of different types and same production marks can’t be compatible! Using: Fittings are used to transport water, drinking water, air, non-abrasive and aggressive substances with maximum working pressure of 1.6 MPa at a temperature of fluid from 0 ° C to 120 ° C, medium can not freeze.

    Technical specifications

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